Monday, March 14, 2016


I'm taking a little of the energy of my new-found sobriety, and channelling it. I'd like to see if I can do something. So, I'm picking up the guitar again. Time to dust off the Telecaster, and learn to play, if I can. I've spent the money I would have blown on booze, on a little practice amp - a blackstar, no less. So I can see if I can achieve something.
My goal is to take energy, and move it. From somewhere that was basically just a bit destructive, for me, into somewhere better. There are equals and opposites at work here, and I want to see if I can ride the tiger in a different direction.
Mind you - above all else, I do want to see if I can avoid being some preachy arsehole about all of this.
Drinking was fun. A lot of fun. But I'm having a different kind of fun. That's all.
And I'll still have a beer or three, once a week.


Rob Bates said...

Nice to see this blog back Iain, you have a knack with writing that entertains.

Anyway I'm sure you've heard of the Garageband app but just in case you haven't, that gives you access to a whole load of guitar amps, great fun.


Iain Baker said...

Thanks Rob, means a lot.

And you know what? I hadn't even thought about Garageband - that's a great idea, cheers!