Saturday, March 26, 2016

Stormy Weather.

I'm not sure if it's a hurricane, or a tropical storm. Or a winter storm. Actually, I think it's "Storm Katie". Whatever, it's battering at the windows, as I sit typing this. I've always loved sitting watching the rain, through the garden windows. I did it a lot as a kid, and I still do it now. It's the juxtaposition, isn't it? Between chaos and calm, warmth, and cold. Wet and dry. To experience both states, at once, sort of.
The long Easter weekend continues, but with slightly less tantrums today. That's a blessed relief, let me tell you. And we get to cap it all off with a night out. We're off to the Caballo Lounge in Epsom, with Clare & Damien. Not sure whether I'll have Tapas (which I did before) or head off into the outer reaches of the menu. As long as I have my weekly drink with it, I guess I'll be OK.
Starting to think about my next DJ stint, which is at the BFLF gig in Hackney. My head's full of breakbeat hardcore, as I think what to play. No bad thing, I guess.

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