Monday, June 06, 2016

There's always a reason...

....and it does tend to be the band.
We've just finished a run of four shows: St.Albans, Manchester, Southend, Twyford. I love getting back out there again - indeed, I seem to love it more as the years pass - but it's a lot of hard work.
I don't just mean the physical effort of playing, but just organising everything. I end up being, literally, two people. There's the person I actually am - living my life, posting on facebook, picking the kids up from school, cooking, cleaning, tidying the house. Then there's the person who writes all of the facebook/twitter/instagram for the band, and manages logistics for the tour. The two personae are so different that they tend to repel each other, slightly. And overall, it means that actually being IN the band (is that person number three??) is almost impossible to contemplate. All this means I find rehearsing a real struggle. I can't compartmentalise the specifics of what I have to do onstage, as I'm too busy thinking of whether i've a) cooked a meal for the family, or b) whether I've booked hotels for the tour.
So it's nice to decompress, after a tour. That's what today is all about.