Monday, March 29, 2004

Oh, that's just great.
Got a raging headcold. Mind you, it's my first for ages, so I shouldn't complain. Feel like i'm about to pass out at any moment, very dizzy and somewhat "disconnected". Only one soultion in these sort of situations and that's to load up on the cough medicine and head for the land of nod.
This week? Well, we'll see how the cold pans out; but it's Snow Patrol Friday, Screamfeeder Wednesday, so far.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Holy Shit
David Bernal is back. Check the new clip on his site, seriously incredible stuff. Watching him move, you can almost believe he's not actually human.
Been doing some remembering tonight, the time when me an my best man Nick hitched a ride from Lancaster at 2am. It might well have been after an Age of Chance gig. It was cold, breezy and the sky was stuffed full of stars. Seeing as it was a midweek, there were no buses, no way back to campus except to walk. Every car that passed, we would try and hitch a ride. Of course, no-one took any notice of two pissed students, singing REM songs at an inky void above them. Finally, an old Land Rover stopped and picked us up. it was a short wheelbase model, so we perched on the flat back, just over the wheel arches, facing backwards. The tyres sang out that low drone, chunky tread on smooth tarmac as we headed home. Two guys, drunk, happy, faces red with joy, happiness, beer and the Lancashire breeze.
To the man like Speight, nuff respect.
Feel rather let-down that Belle de Jour (find it yourself, hmmmph) turned out to be a fake.....
So, by way of an apology I give you Magnetic Liv, the greatest blog in the world right now.
Been refining the congee recipe recently, the secret seems to be lots of flavourings (lime leaves, mushrooms, holy basil) and a pinch of sugar to offset the fish sauce.
Today there's some DJ action after work (some sort of Cuervo tequila thing) and then some more guitar.
Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.............

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Back in London after a weekend of serious relaxation. Went to the in-laws on Sunday for a wonderful Roast Lamb...fell asleep in front of the fire, fine wine, cheese and biscuits... a textbook lesson in how to do Sunday right.
This week is going to be filled with Thai food, I think. Time to rattle the pots and pans and update my equipment here in the Bush. I need a butchers block, a chinese cleaver...and ideally, one of those little Global paring knives. Love affair with the Telecaster continues unabated, now got D minor in the mix, so i'm starting to actually be able to play whole songs.

Friday, March 19, 2004

It's official. May 24th is the most important day of the year.
Was due to see easternlane last night, but beer got in the way. Went to the Spanish Bar, which is great, in a slightly soiled sort of a way...Tonight sees me returning to Brighton, to play on the other Telecaster (Had to get two, one in each location) and hopefully eat Curry. Vindaloo, you will be mine. Tomorrow it's Chelsea vs. Fulham, a needle match that means i'll be hoarse for Saturday night, but hopefully content. Come on, you mighty Blues! Rain is lashing on the windows outside, might have to indulge in a little musical therapy before work. Some Lucinda Williams perhaps.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

And it was messy indeed.
Good night out, livened up by the realisation that "Temptation" by Heaven 17 is really rather good. Pinball is also still good. Top of the pile though is "The Rat" by The Walkmen: it's playing non-stop at Baker Towers at the moment....
Right, time to drag my sorry, hungover arse out of bed and greet the day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Greatest article ever. (For the moment)
Another long day today....tonight it's Ash at the Islington Academy and tonight is St Patricks Day as well. With the whole thing being sponsored by Jameson, it's going to be messy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Hurrah! tuesday night means Brat Camp! Kill 'em all!! Sitting here as always, sawing away on the Telecaster. I'm starting to feel a real love for the damn guitar. I mean, it's obvious, Joe Strummer played one, they rule. It's like an old Blue Beat 7", the more knackered it is...makes it even better.
My favourite Lee Perry rhythm has always been "Give Me Power", I've got about a dozen takes of it across various CD's(this being a good place to start) and I'm now trying to locate them all on vinyl. Actually, anything by The Stingers comes with a strong recommendation, they only cut about 6 sides (?) for Perry, but they're all good.

Monday, March 15, 2004

And today's piece of utterly stupid distraction? Well, that would have to be The Bible according to cheese.
Favourite little band at the moment? Tigermoth. Get over to the site and check out the latest demos, great stuff.
Back in London after a hectic few days. First up, Snow Patrol in Norwich: great gig, great night, appalling train service. The poor commuters on the line from Liverpool Street just looked resigned to their fate: as if an hours delay was a sad but normal occurrence. After the sheer luxury of the Virgin train to Birmingham, the rolling stock was a shambles, falling to pieces and looked exactly like the trains I caught to university in the 80's. The DJ set was a noble struggle which bore rich fruit: a tough hall to get going, but once they were up- no stopping 'em. The Kid Symphony tune in particular, sounded amazing over a big system. Jim Benner (Xfm co-promotions honcho) and myself made the fatal error of trying to prop up the hotel bar at 2am...The journey back the next day wasn't pretty. And we were delayed by another hour. Again. Gah.
Weekend? Well it ended up being a busy Saturday and a wildly loose Sunday. Met Lorraine and her son William for a pizza in the Lanes, then Louise and her daughter Lauren came over for afternoon tea. William liked Warhammer 40,000, while Lauren wanted to watch Tweenies. My mind was mush by the evening. Sunday was dominated by a pub lunch at the Pond in the North Laine with Sam and Pete....went back home and carried on drinking until evening, playing my guitar as I went. I have great callouses on my fingers and a very sore head. On my return to the City, TV crews were prowling round Embankment station, reporting on the increased police prescence to counter heightened fears of terrorist attacks. There were, of course, more TV reporters than Police. If we get attacked, at least the coverage should be great.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Played the guitar until my fingers hurt tonight...the odd thing is, it's strangely calming, even though I should be getting pissed off at my lack of ability. A nice sober one as well, getting ready for Snow Patrol in Norwich tomorrow. Another voiceover today, for the new N.E.R.D. single, one of those times when it works within about three takes. Voiceover work is great (and not just for altruistic reasons) I enjoy actually using my voice, rather like an instrument. Let's face it, I was never the most accomplished keyboard player in the world, so it makes a pleasant change.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This is the saddest news of the year for me: John McGeogh has passed away. A lovely man and a truly great guitarist. John was at his most brilliant for me on "Secondhand Daylight", which i'll be playing as soon as I get home tonight.
Last night, Jet at the Islington Academy. The crowd reaction was the most insane for any session we've done in the last couple of years: utter pandemonium. The gig? a little bit like seeing Brinsley Shwartz at the Southend Kursaal in 75 (i'm guessing here) but enjoyable nonetheless.
Guitar update: callouses on their way, chord count is now 8. Ish.
Beautiful sunny morning today, up and at 'em. You know the drill: Nick on the Stereo, a little Gym action, then work.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

There's a moment in A Skin Too Few where they put all the photos from the back cover of "Five Leaves Left" into a kind of moving flipbook. Halfway through, it's like Nick actually moves his head. Yikes.
Did the deed. Am now the proud owner of a telecaster (copy, obv.) I can play four chords.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Oh holy shit. I'm feeling proud and ashamed in equal measure tonight. Just watched a video with all our band stuff from US TV. Found out we did the Arsenio Hall Show twice. Can I remember the second time? Frankly, no. Indeed, just say no, kids. Busy week or so ahead for me: DJ-ing in Birmingham tomorrow night with Keane, then it's Jet on Monday and Snow Patrol on thursday.
Went to see The Alarm at the Scala last does Mike Peters manage to put about ten choruses into each song? Amazing. Punchy as hell live, nice Steve Jones-esque Les Paul action going on. Talking of which, in my quest to let 2004 be the year that I return to making music, i'm thinking about learning the guitar.
Today starts with congee again, will then involve gym/launderette/mainline railway station/record shop/pub. It's a long one....