Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Oh blimey, I just love this song. It reminds me of a specific point in my life (as so many songs do) and if I close my eyes, i'm right back there.
It's 1980, and i'm coming to the end of a number of things - my childhood, life in Wiltshire, my school was a transitional time. On top of that, my dad had just taken a new job, and had moved up to Hatch End. Mum, me and my sister were left behind, for about 9 months. This was primarily so I could do my O levels. My parents were convinced I wouldn't be able to handle the upheaval of moving schools, at such a crucial juncture, so that was that. We moved out of our house, into a cottage about a quarter of a mile away. It was cold, draughty, damp. The building seemed lost to the past, and time dragged when I was there. I would sit in my little bedroom, looking out of the window, listening to this, over, and over.
That sense of drift, and transition - of things stopping, and of what might be starting, haunts this song for me.

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