Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday, Monday.

It was actually a rather good day. Got lots done (always helps), and the Landscape team came over to fix the base for the new shed, so the garden is starting to take shape.
Things are afoot with the band as well, I've sent out the bat signal for the crew, for the upcoming shows, and i'm trying to get a nice project going, which could see Mike collaborate with someone very eager indeed. It's all a bit hush-hush, but it's looking....interesting.
In other news, the scab on my hip is finally fading away, and the ligaments in my hand seem to be getting better. However, it's a very, very slow process.
I'm also thinking about skating again. When I've not done it for so long, it's an itch that really needs scratching. plus, I get to play with some toys. I've got a nice OG Skaterbuilt 12" pig, which would make a wonderful carving machine. Needs some swiss in the BDS dubcons, and the risers need swapping out. Might have to sort the bushings, too.
Told you it was about playing with toys, didn't I?

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