Friday, March 04, 2016

Almost 1984?

So, I did listen to the Red Noise album again, and was just overwhelmed by how good it was. Listening to "Revolt Into Style", I remembered hearing the line "...and though I know the time is almost 1984, it feels like 1965" for the very first time. I was born in 1965, and heard the single back in 1979. At that point, 1984 seemed like a lifetime away, and here was a record which was laying waste to the past - and my own past, at that - whilst presaging the future. It was a revelation for me back then, and it still sounds as breathlessly exciting as it did. Oddly, it hasn't dated either - despite those explicit references to actual years. It still sounds like it was beamed in from a future which hasn't quite happened yet. 
But, the one thing that really did it for me? The ending. Just listen to the last fifteen seconds. Just incredible.

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