Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turn an iPhone into a Pinball Machine! Awesome....

Right, this actually makes me want an iphone. If they make a Defender App, i'm sold.

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Pinball Magic turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a tiny pinball machine

still haven't seen an actual iPad arcade cabinet for sale (all the ones we've seen so far have been made by hobbyists for themselves), but here's a pretty cool case/accessory for your iPhone or iPod touch. Pinball Magic is a little device that you can slide your handheld into, and with the help of a free app, you can play a full pinball game live on a little miniature table. There's a real ball plunger, flipper buttons, a full LED backlit display, and even a Tilt detector, so you can hit all the usual lights and gadgets (albeit in an extremely small form factor) without throwing quarters in at the local arcade. Assuming they still have those local arcades -- I haven't seen one around in a while nowRead more at

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