Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old Skool Jungle time.....

There's an innocence and an eagerness to tunes from this era - coupled with the still (relatively) simple technology used to make the tunes - the end product is always just wonderful.

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I’ve had this tune stuck in my head for a week now…. haunting 94 jungle which uses that “let me know” acapella, adding a somber melody which fits the vocal perfectly – an excellent combo which more than compensates for the less than exciting (but still decent) break programming. What makes this so special is that the acapella in of itself sounds a bit “eh” in my opinion… other tunes I’ve heard it in (Da Maytrix “Let Me Know” and Sy and Eruption “12″ of Love”) end up being a bit cheddared up by its inclusion. However, the simple melody in this track, coupled with ominous stabs ala tango/ratty/early formation records, really transform the vocal into something a bit “deeper” sounding. All in all, an excellent jungle track which I think is heavily underrated. If anyone knows who that original vocal is by, please leave a comment below.

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