Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rainy Saturday.....

Really, really rainy Saturday. One of the things about having this computer in the loft room is that I sit just a few inches beneath the Velux window in the roof - so when it rains, you feel so much closer to the weather - plus it sounds so much louder.

Tonight is another DJ set at Casino Royale at the Barfly, I'm becoming a bit of a regular, and play there roughly once a month. It's good to keep my hand in DJ-ing, so who cares if it means I drag my tired arse into bed at about 3.30am? Since having Marnie, I can handle a late night, believe me.

Relatives round for Sunday lunch tomorrow, which means I'll try and get as much sleep as possible, then it'll be a headlong dash through the food prep. I've done as much as I can ahead of time (to save time) - the bread sauce, some cranberry sauce, the carrot and swede mash and the gravy are already done. How's that for organisational genius?

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