Monday, August 02, 2010

My thoughts on Amplify so far?

Well, I love it. I like the way I can create posts which echo over at my blog - so that won't get neglected (something that definitely happened while I was busy friendfeeding) and being able to set up the autoposts to link other sites is a bonus. But, as I know I've said before, it's the bookmarklet which is doing it for me. I like the ability to customise the look of the links I share, and to be able to add my own text....

The UI seems intuitive, linear, and very sticky (ugh!), and I've had no real issues, apart from one post which didn't seem to appear on my blog, yet appeared on FB, and a duplicate posting. These might be down to niggles with the way I've set up auto-posting, I'm not sure.

Overall, it's been great, and it's actually added value to my Social Media experience. I'm a sucker for new stuff, sure - but it's rare that something brings so much extra to the table.

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