Saturday, March 05, 2016

Now I got a reason

I'm listening to Never Mind The Bollocks.
There are very few records that can evoke so many waves of memories. It's 1978, and I'm in a Physics class at Lavington School, and I can't do any work, because this record is playing in my head, as it has since I first heard it. It was an album that distracted me, yet focused my mind at the same time. I fell in love with that Virgin label, spinning round and round. I loved the danger, and the frisson of fear, the absolute knowledge that every single adult in my life would disapprove. All of that 1977 rage crystallised for me in 78, I had albums to flesh out the singles I'd bought the year before. I love records that curl the fist, and put the teeth on edge. It's a snotty schoolboy sneer, and it's fucking amazing.
Once a punk kid, always a punk kid.

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