Monday, August 16, 2010

Learning to cook Veggie Food.

Something I'd always had trouble with - most of my veggie dishes tended to be somewhat bland, or just a melange of vegetables;everything turns to ratatouille.Yesterday though - we played host to two other families from our NCT group, and there was veggie chili on the menu. I think the real secret is texture - no great big lumps of vegetables - or the dreaded ratatouille beckons. Keeping the mire-poix small, keeping the onions minced, keeping the bean content high - all of this helped. Also, spicing it like it was a meaty chili, adding mushroom ketchup, and top of the list, making my own tomato puree with blended sun-dried tomatoes in oil (I stole this one from Jamie Oliver)

All in all, a success.

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