Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Green Fingers? Me?

Well, I never would have believed it, but my Grandmother was a wonderful gardener, so perhaps it was a hidden talent of mine, handed down through the generations. Whatever, since stopping work, I've had a lot of time to mess around in the garden, and I've loved every minute. I don't have much planting space, so there's lots of containers and pots, but that's fine. I've planted lots of hardy perennials, and a few patio roses, too (always my Grandmother's favourite flower - it's that family connection again). The last of the Roses to bud is a gorgeous creamy yellow colour, which means all four roses are different colour - giving the garden variety and interest. Everything I've planted so far seems to be doing fine - with the sole exception of a Lavandula I got from Sainsbury's: people, don't buy plants from the supermarket.

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