Friday, August 31, 2007

Owowowowowow :(

One of the many legacies of my years as a skater is a knackered wrist. When you're young, you tend to think of yourself as being invincible, and I was no different. I never used wrist guards, and being left-handed, every time I bailed- I stuck out my left hand. Result: I sprained it more times than I care to remember. All well and good, but the legacy of all of those injuries keeps coming back to haunt me. I spent most of yesterday completely unable to move my left wrist, and in a huge amount of pain. The odd thing being, this normally happens when the weather turns cold and damp. The fact that 'm in this much pain, at the end of August, means that's it for summer.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This has been making me smile all day long....

Evening Standard random headline generator. (For history on this, check here.)

So, how was your Bank Holiday weekend?

I was at Reading Festival on Saturday, then back in Brighton over the last couple of days, with the family....
Reading was great, the sunshine definitely makes a difference: the vibe was so much better than last year. For proof of that, you don't really need to look any further than Panic! at The Disco; last year they get bottled, this year the crowd just loved 'em. They were also responsible for my moment of the festival, this cover of "The Weight" by The Band.....

(FYI, I'm just to the right of the sound desk, waving a large glass of Jack & Coke, can you see me? No? Oh well.....)
Other good stuff: Lethal Bizzle (the whole NME tent joining in for "Pow") and Dinosaur Jr, who did their version of "Just Like Heaven" with so much power it nearly took the top of my head off.
Spent a great deal of the day hanging out with Shiny Toy Guns, which was messy, but fun. they absolutely rocked the Carling stage as well :) The size of the backstage area, a sort of village for all of the bands, is SO much bigger than it used to be: it was absolutely vast....whereas in the past it was restricted to the area behind the main stage, it now snaked round the corner so that bands paying the Carling stage could just walk out of their dressing rooms and onto the stage!
Back up to town this morning, there's a playlist meeting for shadowglobe, and I've got to work out what's the next tune to put up on the mp3 blog. My apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days, there'll be more later today :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sometimes life can be a bit of a blur........

Take this video for example:

I have absolutely NO IDEA where that is from, and I certainly can't remember doing it.
Oh dear, so many memories of all those JJ days just seem to have .....evaporated.
I am particularly loving the bit where I chase Jez around the keyboard. It's also worth noting that I look utterly bored and bemused for most of the performance. It might have something to do with the equipment they gave us for the playback. Look at that keyboard stand!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Brad Fitz on the social graph "problem"
Interesting that he's also totally advocating the use of openID as a way of organising your sites; it's something I've meant to do for a while, but haven't got round to just yet. Time to do some research.

Morning all.......

Today, this story has been making me smile, and the headline is just GENIUS :)
It was another one of those Monday journeys into London; and it's always the same once I reach Victoria- the station and Tube is awash with idiot tourists dragging the world's BIGGEST suitcases behind them. Seriously, what's up with the huge cases? Why? Why?
These morons seem intent on dislocating their own shoulders dragging these behemoths behind them, risking heart attacks as they clatter down the stairs into the tube...
what can they be carrying in these cases? This morning, three women were carrying a case the size of a small CAR down to the Victoria line :(

Friday, August 17, 2007

How much longer will it be with us?

Happy birthday, the CD.

It's all been videos on here the last couple of days, hasn't it?

Well, here's another:

Mainly for the fact that I adore the song, but also because it feels like a Friday song, doesn't it? It seems full of hope and anticipation, of joyful release, and letting your hair down. Also, it's worth pointing out that prior to actually becoming the band we all know and love as Aberfeldy, they were working as a Devo tribute band. For that reason alone, they deserve your unending admiration.
Lot's to be done today, some forum attention, playlist blogging, profile tweaking......and maybe, searching for a new office. All of that and a dash to Victoria station at the end of it all. if it wasn't for the dhal and chappatis in the middle of it all, I'd be flagging.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My widget *points right*...

..Hasn't changed in AGES. Anyone else having this problem?
This week has been another busy one, marshalling the forums, sending out invites via myspazz....
I need more sleep.
It's also been really interesting setting up the mp3 blog, I'm hoping it doesn't interfere too much with this blog, I'm aiming for some sort of arrangement whereby the mp3 blog does the musical nostalgia, and this blog does everything else. Does that sound OK to you?

Aah...memories :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bloody Hell!

Every now and again, I go through my record collection, sorting out what should stay and what should go. I've been doing it tonight, looking for stuff to post up on the mp3 blog. Well, I found a copy of the "Live At The Soul All Dayer Of the Century" LP, pretty legendary LP, it was sampled heavily by lots of Old-School Hardcore artists (the most obvious one: "North London Posse in the place!" taken from Kaotic Chemistry's "Drum Trip")
Turns out it's a little more valuable than I'd thought.
Reading the small print, it would appear that 12 copies reached the public. just to make you even more pissed off, I've got TWO of those twelve copies. One sold on eBay recently for 650 quid. Jeebus!!! There's more info here: one of the people on the forum reckons there's only five copies worldwide.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru

Posted Aug 18, 2006

A behind the scenes look at Clell Tickle, the man who makes indie rock dreams come true. By any means necessary.

At Long Last!

A Film i'd actually like to go and see!

I used to do it all the time.....

....when I was on Xfm (R.I.P.), but here's some time wasting Friday web fun :)
It's been another busy week, but it's been great. We're on to our fifth playlist at Shadowglobe, and we're finally starting to see the undiscovered music we always knew was out ther coming through.....
It's been somewhat hectic marshaling all the various areas of the site, but it's been worth it.
One of the other great things about this week has been just how much FUN I've had doing my mp3 blog : it's a good stress release valve from all the madness of Web 2.0.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

And the award for "Headline Of The Day" goes to......

This :(

The format that just won't die......

Everyone kind of expected vinyl to take its rightful place at the head of the vast panoply of musical formats to emerge over the last 100 years: it's the fetishistic nature of the plastic, the smell of it, the feeling of sliding a mint condition album out of its poly-lined inner sleeve for the first time, the unexpected buzz of peeking inside the sleeve of a seven inch single to find a coloured vinyl treasure inside....
All of that makes perfect sense doesn't it? So how come there's still so much interest in the humble cassette tape? It's rather odd, but I guess it's all tied up with the fact that it was THE mass-market format of the 80's, and would have been most people's first encounter with organising, saving and treasuring their first batch of musical memories. Hence, the affection that people feel for the humble cassette. I'd like to see the same thing happen with CDR's and mini discs in 10 years time, I bet it wont :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

OK, here's some news for you....

I've toyed with the idea for quite some time, but i've finally done it.
I've started up a little mp3 blog. Here it is: Down With Tractors. My first post (and mp3) is up there, it's all on fileden at the moment, i'll be checking the demand to see if I need to host it elsewhere......
I'll also migrate the links to the mp3 blogs over to DWT (when I get a minute!)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I've NEVER seen anything like this. Worst slam EVER, and he walks away.......

Seriously: this is absolutely superhuman stuff. This is akin to falling out of a window on the 5th floor, then just getting up and walking away. I have no idea how or why he's still alive, but I thank god that he is. Just watch the end of the video as his shoes fly off with the power of the impact and ask yourself "Would I have walked away?" I know I wouldn't.

Friday, August 03, 2007

For those of you out there who remain unconvinced by Twitter...

Today was a really rather remarkable day. We managed to have the first London Mornington Crescent game on Twitter, and highly enjoyable it was too; though I suspect productivity in a number of offices across the capital may have suddenly experienced a marked downturn in productivity.
Hey ho.
Confused? More info here.

It's been one of the saddest weeks I can remember...

Because we lost this bloke:

Bye, Paul X


We got some good press over at Sky News.