Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today's obligatory youtube clip

is this: The Long Ryders "I Had A Dream"

What a tune! Nick and JD, that's for you. Why hasn't it been released on CD? *grumbles*
You can also check them out on myspace.....
And today's piece of tech-related musing: this week seems to be the week that Facebook has reached some sort of tipping point here in the UK. I know I'm as guilty as the next man, but it seems like EVERYONE has suddenly joined this week: it's like we've been gripped by some sort of subliminal compulsion....
And of course, the net result of this is that I'm now in that honeymoon period where your heart beats a little faster when the notification mails plop into your inbox: "Rah! more friends! more pokes! more applications to add! More people drawing comedy penises on the graffiti wall!" (Seriously, how much of the graffiti app is taken up with the art of the dobber? what's up with that, huh?)

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Dobbyn said...

"Still some hope in sight.
That was last night...."

That sounds much, much better today than it did then. Blimey. Highlight of that album for me (Native Sons) was 'Wreck of the 809' - and we also mustn't forget that 'Tell it to the Judge on Sunday' wasn't, er, very good.

iTunes can't help; but there's a 'Best of...' and 'Native Sons' on CD on Amazon.