Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time for some TPOH....

I know i've blogged about them before, but i'm in one of those moods when only The Pursuit Of Happiness can save me. TPOH are one of my favourite bands of all time, but, more than that, I think Moe Berg is one of the only musicians i've ever really worshipped. He is, without question, the most gifted lyricist i've ever heard. Many, many years ago, Jesus Jones played a show in Toronto (TPOH's hometown) and through some vague record company connections, someone got word to Moe that I was a huge fan and he turned up to the gig; I was lucky enough to spend most of the ensuing aftershow party chatting to my idol....
Moe was friendly, humble, charming and funny; but what sticks in my mind is a drunken guy coming up to him and saying "Hey Moe! I LOVE that "Cigarette Dangles" tune man, what's it about, man?"
(FYI, "Cigarette Dangles" is possibly the world's least subtle song: it deals with seeing your lover lasciviously smoke a cigarette, getting an erection, then having gymnastic sex all over the place as a result)
Moe, to his credit, just raised his eyebrows imperceptibly, smiled and told the drunk guy the whole story of the song. God bless you Moe :)
And for those of you who doubt my description of the less-than-subtle meanings behind the lyrics of "Cigarette Dangles", here's the video:

"Now sit up straight, hook your legs through the rocking chair, I wanna find a new way to show you how I care"
Just perfect.
Mind you, their entire career is full of songs every inch as good........
Here's another: "She's So Young from the first CD "Lovejunk"

And another: "Pressing Lips"

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