Saturday, June 09, 2007

I love this photo....

I just found it whilst looking to put a bunch of stuff onto a new USB drive ( see post below: I thought it best to get a new drive, just in case) It's from a Japanese tour that Jesus Jones did in 2004, we're crossing the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, on our way to a gig ......
what I love about this photo is that it lays bare all the various facets of life on the road; they're all there, if you look carefully. There's three members of the band in this photo: from left-Tony (drums) Alan (bass) and Jez (guitar).
First up, look how everyone is all over the place. When a bus turns up, as it always does at festivals like these, to take you to the gig, the first instinct is to separate. Get a bit of space. Throw your bag of stage clothes on to one seat (look to the left) and then sit on another seat. Then, look where the fun is: it's always towards the back of the bus. From Jez's strange grin to Tony's carefree look as he roots through his bag. Look also, how empty this bus is: it's always a factor of life on the road that you are forever leaving the sanctity of these empty spaces and then immersing yourself into a morass of bizarre adulation. Rock and Roll is not about fame, it's about the gulf between that fame and the utter normality of the life you lead between situations like being in this bus and being on the stage. This photo seems to catch some of that anticipation.
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