Sunday, February 28, 2016

Once more, into the breach...

It's another one of those posts. Yet another one which says, dejectedly: "oh, it's been far too long".
But it has.

So, what to do? I toyed with the idea of winding this blog up. So many of the people who inspired my first attempts at blogging have themselves, given up. It can feel a little lonely, that's for sure. But, this blog has documented so much of my life, that i'm reluctant to drop it. But, to counter that, facebook has stripped it of some much which feels important - the sharing of images, photos, funny news, music i'm loving at that precise moment. The immediacy, the rush of creativity I used to be able to grasp by blogging - all of that has migrated elsewhere. So - what's the answer?
Well, Westway was always a haven for me, somewhere I could always be confessional, candid, and a little more measured.
My other web presence has ended up up being quite splintered: I have linkedin for professional stuff (yeah right, just like everyone says) my facebook for daily life, twitter for random things. I still have a valuable group of friends who came via friendfeed, and that's another part of who I am, on line.
But this little page? Well, I can strip away so much, and end up with....?
Well, a diary, I guess.
As I entered 2016, I felt myself changing slightly. I drink less, I organise more. I own fewer things, I want for even less. And I need to document, again.
So - could my little blog give me the chance to do that? Well, it would be nice if it could. Let's see, shall we?

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