Monday, February 29, 2016

And - to take relaxation to a logical extreme...

This particular piece Ambient experimentation? Well, this piece of....whatever, has been a constant companion for many years. There are times when I'll just fire it up, and let it wash over me.
Back in the days when we were touring the world, things always got a little...hectic, from time to time. So, this was my antidote. I had a CD of "rain forest" noises, but that was just cheesy, rainfall ended up like so much white noise, so eventually, my meditative experience was defined by this. It's an hour of de-tuned bells, an hour of blissful, droning wonder.I had a CD of it (still have it, somewhere), and whenever I felt the need, I could put it on the discman, and drift off. For the proper effect, you need to focus on the sound - and allow yourself to let go. Trust me, it does work, but now I sound like a dreadful old hippy, don't I?
Oh well.

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