Monday, July 12, 2010

I love being obsessed by music....

And currently, that obsession is with The Mynabirds album "What We Lose In The Fire, We Gain In the Flood". It's available from the ever-reliable Saddle Creek, in a number of format choices.
Mynabirds is the latest project from Laura Burhenn, one-time vocalist for Georgie James, whose one and only album was one of the best things about this entire decade.
If you need to hear how good the album is, then check this out:


nickp said...

I loved the Georgie James album and based on this track I will have to check out the Mynabirds album.

iain said...

The Georgie James album was one of those rare things: a collection where every single song worked - a proper pop album. Still can't believe no-one seems to know about it!