Friday, July 23, 2010

History Lesson for you....

"I never smoked me no cigarettes, I never drunk much booze"
Well, I think Bon Scott might have been stretching the truth somewhat, don't you? This is AC/DC at their finest, and it's taken from "Let There Be Rock".
However, it's interesting for another reason. It's the touchstone for quite a lot of what we did in Jesus Jones. Have a listen:

Now, listen again, and sing "...Yes you know how some things seem like God's Gift.." over the top of it. See what I mean? It's the inspiration for "Song 13", as well as " Don't Believe It" and a couple more as well. It's not that Mike ripped it off, it's just his favourite chord progression - so a little of "Overdose" bled into a lot of what we did. Mike knows this song in absolute minute detail, and there are other fragments of it that have ended up influencing the way we sounded. And people thought we were just a Baggy band? Hah. Think again.
The reason this has ended up on the blog today? It popped up onto the car stereo as I was heading to Homebase to buy some bamboo canes for my Roses. How's that for incongruous?

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