Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is a little bit funny

And a little bit sad, all at the same time: Thank You For Saying Yes.
Been listening to the Sun Kil Moon CD again this morning, i'm still routinely gobsmacked by the sheer depth of songwriting it contains; despite the sonic palette being somewhat limited, despite their always being a conceptual continuity running though all of its ideas, despite the unifying sonority of Mark Kozolek's still manages to be an absolute widescreen epic. I can virtually pinpoint the second that "Duk Koo Kim" stops merely being a song and knifes you in the heart, never letting you go until the fifteen minutes are up.
The Project is nearing it's release, we're just going over the last few bugs and snags; it looks like it'll have to launch without absolutely everything i'd hoped it would have, but that's ok, there's always phase 2 :)

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