Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today is all about Love songs....

Love Songs from Chris 'The Falcon' Han on Vimeo.

Last night....

Was quite hectic, actually. Straight from work to the O2, to watch Coldplay live, then DJ at the Indigo, for an after-show party. The venue is simply stunning (though not very rock'n'roll) and the gig was actually great (so many hits!) but, for me, it was all about getting back behind the decks again. It's been a while since I did one of those "first friday" sort of sets, and I had SO much fun! Can't wait to do it again - and that may happen next year, if all goes well. I'll keep you all posted.
Today is interesting too - actually had an Jesus Jones interview! It's for the NME, part of a piece they're doing about bands from our era who are still going (eep!) First time we've done an interview for the music press in many, many years. Was great to get all of us in one place again (minus Al, of course) and we actually seriously discussed the possibility of recording an album next year too. Again, i'll keep you posted.
Tonight sees me heading down to Brighton, as i'm getting jabs for the forthcoming holiday done tomorrow morning.
Have I told you all about the holiday? Ah, ok. I'm going to be here:

For two weeks, starting boxing day.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


So many memories.
Here's a video of Blue Train (who had just changed their name from Go! Service) performing their single "Land Of Gold" in London's docklands in 1985. Jo and Danny from the band found fame several years later as It's Jo And Danny.
So why is this bringing back so many memories? Because I was there, that sunny day. I was standing behind the camera as this video was being filmed. I'd stayed at Dan Treacy's place after a TVP's gig, and we popped over to check how the filming was going. I've not seen this clip for 23 years, and I can feel the ghost of my young self, dressed in anorak and stripey T-shirt, sitting on my shoulder. It's odd, but somehow, deeply reassuring.

Last night......

Was great. Had a meal here, with a great steak (blue) and Bearnaise, some fabulous cheeses, and several glasses of Pouilly Fuisse . Wonderful. Felt a little fragile this morning, but that passed once the winter Sun started to shine. I love it when London is crisp, cold, shivering.
Tonight is all about relaxation: a little bit of telly, some wine, and lots of sleep.

Friday, December 05, 2008


This has been rattling round my head for the last couple of days, and it's something that lifts my spirit every single time I hear it. Sweet, sweet soul music from Freddie Scott.

You can crawl, you can walk, you can beg or you can talk....

Went to a number of Pubs last night, the first being The Fisherman's Arms in Willesden to see The Jez. Bless 'im he's currently nursing a couple of broken bones (which explains the title of this post, for the JJ obsessives out there) namely his ribs. He managed to fall off his bike at the weekend, poor bugger. He was fairly chipper, considering, just a bit desperate to get out of the house. At one point he had to sneeze, and the pain nearly knocked him of his bar stool. However, the Jez continued to bravely drink his pint. What a trooper.
Then off to The Paradise, which was RAMMED :( Not sure why, might have been something to do with Comedy night going on upstairs, but it was full as I've ever seen it. So, after a swifty, it was off to the William The IV (or the Wiv, as it's obviously known) round the corner. Much more room to stretch out and enjoy. Hurrah!
Looks like being quite a busy weekend, kicking off tonight with an Xmas party over in Chelsea. Bring it on!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One more for today.....

I need to skate again.
Especially at Meanwhile II. Look! It's been transformed!

It's all about me.

Or, more accurately, it's not all been about me recently, has it? With the divorce looming, it's been a little difficult to let others in, to let people know what I've been up to. I think that's got to change. I'll be doing my best to let you all in again, little by little. Forgive me for being aloof.

London by night.

See the Centre Point tower? That's where I was last night. There's a new member's club on the 32nd floor, Paramount, and I was up there for a friend's leaving drinks. The view is simply incredible - the whole of London laid out in front of you, in all its twinkling, late-night beauty. The London Eye, the marvellous roof of The British Museum, the Post Office Tower (it'll always be that for me - never the "BT Tower" - pah!) ......
You can walk all the way around the tower, watching planes drift overhead on their slow descent into Heathrow, see snaking lines of buses crawl along Oxford Street, see the spoke-like roads of Seven Dials bursting out into Covent Garden. It made me proud to live here, happy to recognise so many wonderful places, wistful at the memories that the views brought to mind.