Monday, December 18, 2006

Right, here's the mailout....

Yay! Rah! etc. etc. Sunday is here again, and so are the downloads..........
Where do we start? With one of those posts where you say to yourself "Jesus, what happened to THEM?" (providing you can remember them in the first place)
So, from the era of The JoBoxers and The Stray Cats, here's some Roman Holiday........
More of that "best of the year" action.....worth it for the Joanna Newsom and M.Ward..............
Oh, i'm loving this about a Ramones album............FOR YOUR KIDS? :)))))))))))))
Here's a HUGE post of Xmas songs (you can get the lot as a zip file) but in amongst them all is my favourite Xmas song ever, the only one ever to bring a tear to my eye: "I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas" by Peter And The Test Tube Babies
How about some live Oasis? Oh go on then................
If you haven't got the Soulwax/Gossip remix, you haven't lived...and the squeakeklean remix of Teddybears is THE FUCKING KNOCK as well :))))))
This next tune is another one of those ones which is never far from my ipod....."Shine a Light" by Wolf Parade...
Here's something i've not heard for ages............
Awesome stuff from Isaac Hayes inc full 18 minute (!!) version of "Ain't No Sunshine"
Monster post (in German) which has got some great stuff: Richard X/Jarvis Cocker...Decemberists/Hard-Fi
One of my favourite Punk bands of the 80's, The Subhumans...(FYI, the lead singer used to work in my local garage in Wiltshire)
Mixed bag, with Beck, Morphine ("Thursday" is just INCREDIBLE)
Mash-up time.....a whole slew of versions of Jay-Z's "Encore"
Ok, here's another one of my obsessions, Old School Hardcore....some classic Moving Shadow stuff from DJ Trax.....
Actually, while we're at it, here's some more QUALITY hardcore, from my favourite Old-School outfit EVER, the amazing 2 Bad Mice.......they are the soundtrack to every great memory I have of raving Si...if you're listening today, much love, hold it down.
And to finish? One of my tips for the top again........Bird And Bee are signed to Blue Note (!) but don't think it's just jazz.......
do follow the links to the myspazzz page for more stuff as well.....
Howzat? More next week, with a bumper Xmas special :))))))

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Can you imagine riding a wave this big? There's a moment, just after the jet-ski let's the surfer go...when I SWEAR you can hear that little fart escaping...the one that only turns up when you're absolutely terrified :)
The other piece of Youtube GENIUS at the moment is this: you've got to get to the end for it to make sense, so stick with it.........
And this clip is great as well.....that's all we are: little bits of nothing. God is dead: Hail Satan

happy Xmas kids.

There is no Santa Claus.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Brakes last night...

Were just incredible, the highlight was "The Most Fun" which sounds a little like an afterthought on the first album, but live it has this subtle release of power and malevolence that just floors me. Nice to see CJ from Scream, whose Xmas party it was, plus associated other folk including a somewhat refreshed John Hillcock (John, if you're reading this, check out the Tigercity track in the mailout) and of course, my partner in crime for the night, this chap. Brighton tonight, after even more coding.

As promised.....

Sunday is upon us once more.....bringing with it a whole shitload of downloadable goodness!
Starting with this actually......the 50 best videos of the year! Rah!
It's interesting to note the meteoric rise of youtube and its effect on blog posts like that one: last year, I can remember all the "Best Video" blog posts, and NONE were composed of solid 'tube action at all.....
(make sure you check out the info on downloading the clips to your ipod or pc!!!)
And while we're at's another of those "Best of 2006" posts, chock-full of stuff you should investigate: Girl Talk (I know, yet again......) Pete Yorn, Josh Ritter and the glorious EP from Josh Rouse as well......
30 killers from 2006.......Girl Talk AGAIN, Mates Of State, Peter Bjorn and John, The Dears, Concretes.....there's stuff we've visited before, but plug the holes in your collection of tunes RIGHT NOW :)))))))))))
I'm not sure if i've plugged this site before, but it's one of my favourites....constantly focussing on the overlooked, the underdog, the forgotten classics, all those things which are guaranteed to pique my interest....including The The :))))))))
Time for an odd cover version....Lady Sov does the Sex Pistols:
(FYI, it's from the new O.C. covers CD)
Regular readers will know the extent of my obsession with early Ultravox! stuff........for those of you out there going "what???" here's the reason why. They ROCKED.
Some more of that "Best Of 2006" action now:
(Props for the Regina Spektor and Beth Orton, nice varied choices.....isn't this time of year great? all the blogs start to bulge with great tunes......)
Here's one of those posts that makes your jaw hit the floor:
Short, sweet, to the point. And that Cure track is just wonderful.
To make up for the fact that there's never enough Jazz on the mighty X, hell, there's never ANY Jazz........
have some of this:
Here's my favourite post of the week, inspired by some wise words from Andy Partidge from XTC, with a slew of wonderful tunes accompanying it: live Joy Division, The Slits, The Pop Group.....
And while we're on about The Slits, this page has a detailed bio of the band as well as some rare Mp3's....
More from the Good Weather For Airstrikes blog now, which has shown its good taste time and again recently.....
Well, here it really lays its colours down in support of the incredible Johnny Boy, whose debut single "You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve" was one of the most heart-stoppingly fabulous records of the last 5 years. Why it wasn't MASSIVE still irks me enormously.........
Nice look back at Nick Lowe, one of the pioneering figures of the Punk scene ( he was not really a punk himself, but he put out the first single on Stiff Records AND produced the first Damned album....)
Saddest news of the week was the sudden death of Wiz, the driving force behind Mega City 4, RIP Wiz, you'll be missed.
MC4 at their best:
I spent many years DJ'ing Techno and Acid Trance stuff around London and elsewhere ( and had WAY too much fun doing it, I might add)
This track by DJ Hell was a staple of my sets. It STILL sounds utterly bonkers, and I still love it to bits.
I think I should plug another one of those bands who I think wil be huge in 2007.....check this out...i'm absolutely obsessed by this song......TigerCity
Great post from Laurence over at Covert Curiosity, with some musings on the nature of Indie Pop, and some Camera Obscura and The Boy Least Likely To as evidence:
Not sure if it's still working ( it's been caned a bit over the last few days) but see if you can grab the Diplo/Beatles re-rub here:
And, to finish, a great post which kicks seven bells out of Kerrang!, and puts proper Punk Rock back on the agenda.
"Here it is...........again........and it's called..........12XU!!!!"
I've been in a Punk mood this week, haven't I? Never forget your roots,
hold it down,

Monday, December 11, 2006

....and i've reverted to my original hit counter too the new one didn't give me the breakdown of user stats.
Jesus, this may be my most boring post EVER.
Right, let's eat some chinese food and get out of here.

Another busy week.....

Loads of stuff going on: Winter Wonderland, obviously, at the weekend....the hightlight of which, for me, was The Feeling's cover of "Video Killed The Radio Star" , camp as christmas, but utterly beguiling. The noise of the crowd when Tenacious D stepped out onto the stage was absolutely seismic, I thought my ears were going to stat bleeding.....
But the real highlight of the week was Brakes, live at KCLSU; they were just absolutely spectacular, I had a grin a mile wide for days after: in fact, they were SO good i'm going for another dose tonight, when they play at Metro.
Might try and reign in the partying a little tonight though, I managed to get trollied last night after going out for beers post-footy. Should have won the game, but hey-ho, the season's still young and we've got a run of games coming up to rival Man U's easy start to the season.
Lots of coding going on for the website project, the streams should be ready by the middle of the week, i'm really looking forward to seeing how it works (and keeping my fingers crossed that it actually does work) I'll post the mailout of links eithr a little bit later, or tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Blogger seems to have recovered from its temporary brain-fart, and links are now possible once more. I've amended the mailout so the links work (phew!)
On the subject of links, i've been delving deeper into Web 2.0 and it's social-networking possibilities, but it's the explosion in aggregation sites that's making me excited....from Digg to Technorati, there are loads out there, but it's nice to see others emerge; and it's also nice to see that these new arrivals have still managed to find niches within which to establish themselves...
Here's my new favourite: BuzzFeed.

Monday, December 04, 2006

And while i'm at it....

What the hell's happened to blogger? I can't insert HTML links........

Here's the mailout for yesterday....

right then, where shall we start this Sunday's dose of downloads?
How about the sublime "Building Steam With a Grain Of Salt" by DJ Shadow to get our heads in the right place?
Remember last week's Neiles Life blog post? Well, the blogosphere is full of similar posts, as people reflect on the songs/albums of the's another: The Delays, one of the most criminally overlooked albums of the year:
(and keep that site on your favourites, there's more on the way)
Regular readers of this mailout will now that Girl Talk have been one of my artists of the year.....and here's a Girl Talk remix of Peter Bjorn and John :))))))
Now, this is GREAT STUFF.....some of the extra tracks from that huge Clash singles box-set......
One of the odd things about the blogosphere is that it seems to be psychic....I've been listening to "How I learned To love The Bootboys" by The Auteurs all week long...thinking "how come no-one EVER mentions this?"
Then someone does.
*spooky music*
Buried in amongst a mixed bag of Xmas tunes (bleeee!) is the tricky-to-find "Wassailing Song" by Blur...
Changing tack a about some LTJ Bukem?
Time to plug some future talent, I think........Pull Tiger Tail are one of those bands who'll be HUGE in 2007, mark my words....they're in here........
Actually, my other tip for the top is this lot:
(not a download, just a myspace profile, but check 'em out, they're BRILLIANT)
And one more..........Does It Offend You Yeah?
And, from the same blog, here's a post which includes one of the RECORDS OF THE YEAR. that's not an idle boast, it's the truth. Have a listen to "Phantom Limb" by The Shins and then try to tell me it's not a work of utter genius. Go on, I dare you.
(the ending just KILLS me, every single time.)
Here's a great post: songs that were in "American Psycho" but didn't make it onto the soundtrack........
Huey Lewis! Robert Palmer! Ofra Haza!.......go on, scratch that 80's itch.........
Are you a Pearl Jam fan? This post is the greatest xmas present for you, EVER. All the tracks from their Christmas singles!!!! (about 30 tracks in all......)
OK, here's one of my favourite records of all time: Richard Hell's "Blank Generation" I remember buying this in a record shop in Windsor in 1978, there's seldom been a week that's passed since without me listening to it at least once.......
Let's finish with an odd cover shall we? Flaming Lips doing "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Right, that should do you for now..........more next week :)

Blimey, that was a busy week.......

And busy for all the right reasons this time, as I spent most of it encoding the digital streams for xfm's new website project....
It's a long and somewhat dull task (and it's not over yet) but, at the same time, there's something very satisfying about being so completely involved with most of the output of the station. Friday was another First Friday, so I was back at the Islington Acadamy; I was back there less than 24 hours later for Spear Of Destiny. Spear were in absolutely top form: Robin from Bush is now playing drums for them and he's such a powerhouse that the sound has become even more full and brooding as a result.
There were actually TWO gigs happening on Saturday, The Meteors were playing in the main part of The Academy; it was hilarious to see that their crowd hasn't changed all that much, though they seem to have ingested a large amount of pies. P.Paul Fenech is still a maniac, as irascible as ever. Was given a flyer upon leaving the venue for The Guana Batz and King Kurt doing a 25th anniversary show.
*Feels very old*