Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's as old as I am.

And it still sounds incredible.
I'm in my Grandparent's house - 72, Surrey Grove, in Sutton. It's the early 1970's. They have the standard house layout for that time - a front room, where the telly is, where we eat meals, where we sit and play games and relax. They also have a back room - which is the formal lounge. This has the piano, the nice china, the plush cushions, the curtains which tend to always be closed. no-one goes in here without a good reason. I go in because there's a record player in there. A pile of vinyl too - easy listening, some trad jazz, show tunes. And amongst the pile of goodies, the best of the lot - a Tony Hatch album on Marble Arch. This song is on there, and I play it constantly. In fact, I still have the very same album here now - I asked If I could have it, and my bewildered Grandparents agreed, whilst shaking their heads "what's he want that for? It's only music! Sure he'll find something better to do with his life...."

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