Monday, February 29, 2016

Dear diary..

So, if I'm to genuinely keep this blog up to date, and relevant, it would seem that I've got to keep the updates coming. I've got to try and keep the content flowing. Also, one of the things that really motivated me  to blog, and which doesn't apply to my other social media sites is immediacy. With Westway, I always just tried - desperately - to write exactly what I wanted, at that particular time. no re-writes, no drafts, as little tinkering as possible.
With my facebook page (and a lot of other people's as well) I've noticed that there's a "house style", a particular way of presenting things. I've come to believe it affects your ability to speak clearly, and honestly. So many people's views to respect, so many thinks to contend with.
If you like, facebook - perhaps the ultimate "personal" site, has become an exercise in public speaking. It's measured, and considered.
I like the fact that here, I can just type, and talk.
So, what's going on today? Well, not much. I'm sub-editing posts on the CDNX website (my new job - I'll post more about that soon), and I'm heading off to pick up Marnie from her after-school club soon. I've dined on egg-fried rice, I've tidied the house. I've moved some furniture, I've organised, and sat peacefully in the kitchen, looking out into the garden.
The house is silent, but not for long, so I'm wallowing in that peace, for just a little bit.

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