Sunday, July 25, 2010

Music for your Sunday

From Sun Kil Moon, AKA Mark Kozolek.
Regular readers of this blog will know I was obsessed with the Sun Kil Moon album "Ghosts Of The Great Highway" a couple of years ago; it helped me through some fairly dark times - divorce, the end of Shadowglobe, a period of drift, transition and uncertainty. Ultimately, of course, there was a lot of happiness at the end of it all, and there's something of that same redemptive quest in all of the Sun Kil Moon material. Yes, it's melancholy, maudlin, even: but there's flickers of silver amidst the clouds .
The new album "Admiral Fell Promises" is just perfect (and ignore the Pitchfork rating, it's at least a 9) - it's been glued to the stereo for the last 18 hours. I suspect it'll be the record that keeps me company as this summer turns into autumn.
Sun Kil Moon - Australian Winter by pitchfork

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