Tuesday, July 20, 2010

17lbs and 13 ounces.

Five months in and she's doing just fine.
Yesterday was spent tasting the food for the upcoming nuptials, at the venue on the King's Road. Walking down the length of the King's Road, I couldn't help feel a slight sense of nostalgia for what it used to be like - the Goth T-shirts, the hair dyes, the stalls piled high with cheap leather jackets, DM's.....edgy, cheap, fun fashion, constantly changing and renewing. It's not like that now - all you have is a never-ending cavalcade of big-name stores, coffee shops and designer boutiques. The crowds are still there, but the fun, and the zeitgeist has long gone. I'm just praying that the same fate doesn't befall the Portobello Road.


Ian said...

*Sigh* reminds me of Kensington High Street market, a real rabbit-warren of a place; dingy, dark, and filled with (to my eyes) insanely cool people. Isn't it a Whole Foods now? Or was it further down towards the Earl's Court end?

I seem to recall buying 'Liquidizer' there while trying to find JAMC's 'Automatic'... My second exposure to JJ (after you'd appeared on 'Big World Cafe'? My memory's completely shot!)

iain said...

No, Kensington Market was further up the other way (towards the Albert Hall) and that got knocked down, seemingly for no reason, to be replaced with a PC World. I think the council just didn't like the shoddy nature of the stallholders. A real shame.
Ah, Big World Cafe! there's youtube footage of that online somewhere....

Ian said...

That's it -- someone did tell me a while back that it was there... Good that they replaced it with such an attractive piece of early nineties architecture!

Ooh, I'm going to have to see if I can find that footage -- IIRC it was 'Never enough' and "What's going on" -- most splendid!

Ian said...

Found it!

Oh, and entirely remiss of me not to wish you all the best for your big day, so: "all the best!"