Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer's Here.....

Or at least, it was at the weekend. Seems to have abated somewhat, damn. Spent a lot of it cooking (as ever) with Xacuti curry being top of the pile. Finally got a chance to use the spices I brought back from Goa!
Also managed to squeeze in a trip to Islington to see Spear Of Destiny. Great to see Kirk again, he was on fine form, and the band were as tight as I've seen them, playing "One Eyed Jacks" in its entirety. However the icing on the cake for me had to be seeing Elizabeth from Westworld doing backing vocals! It's been years since I saw her on a stage (1988, I think) and her voice was as wonderful as ever. I'm going to have to dust off my copy of "Where The Action Is" later.
While I'm obsessing about Westworld, here's the video for the title track off the aforementioned album - filmed around the Westway! Ah, I love it when everything dovetails together.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Morning time.....

And I'm sat in the kitchen. My breakfast today? A piece of toast, an apple and a yoghurt. I'm off to the gym in an hour. There's a feeling of normalcy about today which is close to perfect.
It's been a week of organisation for me, lots of boxes full of possessions, lots of re-assimilation, lots of memories. The divorce got finalised yesterday, which was odd, and sad too; but left me determined to be thinking about now, and all the now to come.
Am just finishing off the links for the Download of The Day, which I do on my show. If you're one of those people who gets it - you'll see it in your inbox in about eight hours. The Santigold tune is IMMENSE. Just sayin'.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More posts about buildings and food.

The building in question being my flat in Shepherds Bush. I've spent the last week tidying it, and having it painted. It now looks AWESOME. Nothing like a lick of white paint and some gleaming windows to raise the spirits. I looked out over West London today, and realised what a truly magical place it is. I'm happy to be up here permanently now; it's been a slightly tortuous few months, but there is happiness around the corner. Life's good.
And the food? Pork tenderloin, rolled in finely chopped fresh herbs and garlic, flash-fried then roasted in a hot oven, with purple sprouting broccoli and new potatoes. Simple, tasty, perfect.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This is how I feel today.....

A little bit of FAIL, and a sore head. Mind you, the Sun has been helping, as has the DS. I'm playing the new version of Broken Sword, and it's aces.
Need to start thinking about food for tonight - what shall I eat? I'm toying with making Macaroni Cheese; that's serious comfort food, isn't it? With nice chunks of Pancetta in there, OM NOM NOM.

A beautiful day....

Sees me sitting in the sunshine, nursing a minor hangover, thinking about the day ahead. This week has been packed full of stuff: Jez has been sorting out the flat, getting it painted (which it definitely needed) and there's been lots to do at work. I've been adding posts to the In The Studio blog, and I'm filling in for Neil Cole this weekend too. There's also the small matter of preparing and recording the show we do for Virgin Atlantic. Tomorrow brings another voiceover for the Travel Channel, and more organisation for weekend shows. Phew.