Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning all...

It's a rainy morning in Brighton, and the temperature seems to have dropped about ten degrees since yesterday *shivers*.
Today I've mostly been sorting out my laptop, tidying and tweaking some of the programs I've got installed. If you're running Windows, this list from Lifehacker could help simplify your life- give it a go!
As far as music goes: it's all about this for me today- "Emergency! Emergency!" by The Promise Ring. Now that's what I call emo ;)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes, it's about Lowgold....

Here's the new video for "Burning Embers" which was the song that left me open-mouthed in wonder, when they played it live last month.

I wonder if Lowgold have a tag on my blog? If they don't, they will, soon.

Right, today is a busy day...

Or at least, I aim to make it that way. This Monday morning feels like exactly the time to tackle a bit of a backlog of emails/tweets/blog posts/global postings/whatever. The sun is shining, the door to the garden is open, there's a cooling breeze, a giant glass of banana smoothie in front of me, and no excuses.
Right, off we go...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time for some video fun....

And this time, it's via getmortified, who deal in resurrecting all those deeply embarrasing childhood memories....
"I Hate Drake"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let's hear it for feedback.

It's great to see bands are still in thrall to Spector, The Ronettes, and the Mary Chain, even after all these years. This makes me wish I was back at The Living Room, watching The Jasmine Minks.
Thrushes "Heartbeats"

More on their myspace.

Monday, April 07, 2008

More on my Twitter profile....

And let's face it, Twitter is one of the only programmes I know where extra apps actually seem to add value :)
So, without any further ado, here's my Tweetcloud.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It was nearly 20 years ago.....

...but here's what my life looked like back then. I was working in Slam City, when we co-hosted this skate night at the Limelight, in London. Back then, to put a mini-ramp in a club was quite revolutionary, I seem to recall it making the evening news here in town. Anyway, I think that's my disembodied hand in the photo at the bottom of the page, the shot was taken by my then boss, Paul Sunman, and IIRC, we were standing up by the VIP lounge, where we'd been having a beer with Kevin Staab. I managed to drink way too much beer and twist my ankle on a rock fakie, but apart from that, a truly great night. There's more here, and the rest of the site is highly recommended for all you old-schoolers out there.

Welcome back....

I spent Monday night at the Islington Academy, watching Lowgold. It's been almost 8 years since I first saw them play (at the garage, supporting Wheat) and two years since their last show (it's in the archives!) I can vividly remember the sense of wonder when I first saw Lowgold, and that sense of wonder has never dimmed; if anything, it's become stronger and more resolute with every passing year. I've said this before, but they are, without doubt, my favourite British band of the last 10 years, and it would seem I'm not alone in my opinions. The crowd was larger than two years ago, and even more appreciative. The set they played on Monday was nothing short of jaw-dropping, and, bizarrely, could have been drawn up in response to someone asking me: "tell me, which songs would you MOST like Lowgold to play?" It consisted of all my favourite tunes they've ever done, with the possible exception of "Back Here Again" and "Can't Say No". I'm not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes on a number of occasions (notably on "Let Me Into Yours")
What was especially pleasing to see, was the positive reception given to tracks off the new CD "Promise Lands". "Burning Embers" in particular, sounded immense, and left me slightly dumb-struck.

For all of you who fancy a trip down memory lane, here's the video to "Beauty Dies Young":

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I'm off to listen to the new CD....again :)