Friday, August 17, 2007

It's all been videos on here the last couple of days, hasn't it?

Well, here's another:

Mainly for the fact that I adore the song, but also because it feels like a Friday song, doesn't it? It seems full of hope and anticipation, of joyful release, and letting your hair down. Also, it's worth pointing out that prior to actually becoming the band we all know and love as Aberfeldy, they were working as a Devo tribute band. For that reason alone, they deserve your unending admiration.
Lot's to be done today, some forum attention, playlist blogging, profile tweaking......and maybe, searching for a new office. All of that and a dash to Victoria station at the end of it all. if it wasn't for the dhal and chappatis in the middle of it all, I'd be flagging.

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