Friday, May 04, 2007

Nice overview of the Digg revolt...

Is available here . Looks like Digg will be OK (though with the possibility of litigation somewhere in the future) which is a relief.
Twitter continues to fascinate me, got added by lots of random people yesterday, all of whom cease to become random once they're under the twitter umbrella *struggles with lumpen analogy*
It's led me to peoples blogs, to ideas, to a community of users. Job done, then.


Tim said...

This Twitter thing intrigues me...!

iain said...

Dive in, fella, it's dead micro-blogging..and when you get to setting up the IM updates and getting the ability to twitter updates from your mobile phone: that's when the fun REALLY starts.

Suw said...

Oh, Twitter is fabulous! Took me a while to settle into it, but once you've got a network of friends there it takes on a life of its own. I couldn't imagine life without it now.

Cheers for the friending, Iain. Looking forward to sharing the minutiae of life with you!

iain said...

Suw, minutiae on it's way!