Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And it's just hit me....

That if Xfm goes "DJ free" in the daytime, then it's goodbye to the X-list :(
The X-List was such a big part of my life for the years that I was doing it, I'd like to think I made it into something worthwhile, and it's such a shame to see it just....vanish.
What will happen to the yearly X-list countdown? The bank holiday playbacks? The X-list was such a useful way of getting classic stuff across; and I'm always proud of expanding its horizons a bit..
It was me who badgered them to include "Where's Me Jumper?" "Take The Skinheads Bowling" "Blister In the Sun".....and loads more. The last time I looked, the new management had actually cut the size of the X-list (tunes available for request) by about two-thirds, down to about 400 songs. This was ludicrous enough, but they removed all the "Dance" stuff: Deee-Lite, Aphex, De La Soul, Guy Called Gerald....
Daft Bastards.
My favourite headline of the day has to be this one.


Anonymous said...

they removed all the "Dance" stuff: Deee-Lite, Aphex, De La Soul, Guy Called Gerald....

What f?ckers......... I'd noticed that electronic music seemed to be airing less and less since around christmas time.....

I would be bothered but (reluctantly and with a pain in my heart) I gave up on Xfm last month.

I think I must have requested Window Licker at least 20 times over the years on the lunchtime x-list and I have to say that Iain, bless him, normally played it!!! :)


Alex said...

You never did play a Jesus Jones track in all the years of listening. How many times did you get some joker requesting it? OK I'll fess up to making at least one weekly request for International Bright Young Thing.

Stuart said...

The decline of XFM is doing 6Music the world of good; the number of people I know who used to listen to one and now listen to the other... ok, it's about three bods, but you see my point!

Tim said...

I simply don't understand what the new management think they're achieving. Heard the ads for the new DJ-less line-up today, and I simply can't believe they think they're onto a good idea.

I haven't been this bewildered since my GCSE maths exam.

Alex said...

It's far more bewildering than any exam I've ever taken.

I realise this is fairly ignorant hope but I was thinking the other day... if XFM Management realise their horrific mistakes and restore things, or new mangagement came along, would you ever be tempted back to XFM, Iain?

iain said...

Alex, I DID play the joneses, but only on my last day :)))))
And would I return? Well, yes, I suppose, butr the question you have to ask yourselves is whether there will actually BE an Xfm to return to....my guess is that Channel 4 radio will try and buy them out :(((

Dan said...

Maybe if Channel 4 Radio did buy Xfm, it would make better use of its potential? Although I expect the format would be very different to anything we've heard before - more pre-recorded shows and documentaries.

One of their proposed Digital 2 stations, Pure4 sounds a bit like a cross between the Xfm of old, 6Music, and Radio 4's 'culture' elements, so lacking the 'rebellion' that Xfm used to embody, and aimed at older listeners, but certainly interesting.

Adam Utyman said...

People always moan about 'XFM being shit now' but in all honesty that's all a load of shite in itself. XFM is better than it has ever been. I notice all the people slagging it off fail to point out that just 1 month ago it recorded its' highest ever audience figures (630,000). The main way this has been achieved is by dumping all the 'i think im cool because i read the NME and like every bad in it' djs, and employ new fresh faces who talk about the stuff the audience WANTS to here (eg. stories in The Sun, last nights episode of The Apprentice, Big Brother etc). I read an artice in Media Guardian this week that said no one gives a toss that Xfm's daytime jocks are getting fired, because no-one knows who they are anyway.

And calling the management bastards - no wonder they had to fire you.

However, good luck. I'm sure you'll find a job on another station (*coughs*)

iain said...

Adam, my thanks for the kind words.
However, Adam (can I call you that? If it is your name?) there's a number of factual innacuracies in your post which leave me scratching my head....
Well, anyway, it wasn't actually the highest figure ever, the numbers got tweaked(you're a network now, aren't you?): highest figures still belong to your predecessor.
I don't like everything in the NME, never have, never will. Hey, if they started writing about Sukpatch, maybe that would change.
"Hiring fresh new faces" Hmmmm. The same fresh new faces who'll be packing their bags after working out their short-term contracts then. And how long has Alex Zane signed to do brekkie for? Six months? Or is it less? Hello?
Don't really want to work for another station anyway, i'd rather work at the xfm that I loved. Can I do that? Well, if you WERE the main man over there, perhaps I could. But you're not, so I won't.
Oh well, never mind.Maybe i should just concentrate on working out where X would have gone had it worked out how to survive in a world moving over to social media: Oh, hang on, that's what I am doing.
Cheers for the comments though fella, might want to work on spelling your name correctly ;)

Anonymous said...

wow that post from Mr Uty/ytman is fascinating!

he makes the point that everyone is slagging XFM off (true) and it is thus interesting to hear another side of the argument (espcially from someone in his position - to be fair, if the programme director thought XFM was shit, well, it would be a bit silly)

the point about "nobody knowing who the daytime DJs are" - that's cos Tonks was a failure at everything he ever did, Graeme Smith is new and comes from nowhere, and Marsha, bless her, comes from dead hours at the weekend.

however, former daytime DJs were loved by many people - few had bad words to say about Shaun Keaveny (even my mother loved him), people continue to love Camfield, he's been there long enough, our very own Mr Baker was in Jesus Jones!! And Kevin Greening - er, ex radio 1 breakfast. Maybe if XFM hired (or even just kept) DJs who people HAD heard of, they wouldn't have to dump them.

Also, Mr U fails to realise that while he claims to have dumped the NME-loving Djs, the ones who appear to have been forced out (Dan Greenpeace, Jimmy Carr, Nick Luscombe, probably others) hardly fit the description he gives - they were music (or comedy) experts, not snobs. Also - if Steve Harris isn't NME loving, who is??

Plus, Mr Bacon, Ms Laverne and Mr Keaveny all left by choice - I'd hardly call that "dumping DJs".

It is a surprise that the last set of audience figures were good, that doesn't exactly take the departure of many of the DJs into account. Something gives me a hunch they won't be so good next time.