Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And i'm back!

Was great, lots of pasta, bianco pizza with gorgonzola, fabulous wine at just over £1 a bottle.....
And this tune bouncing around my head. Waddya reckon?

They are Radio de Autuno ("Autumn Radio").. the tune's called "Alem De Razao" Check them out on Myspace.


Alex Murray said...

Suitably modish that there. We need a proper mod revival, not just another half-arsed Fred Perry and Lambretta logo job but a full-on, well-dressed, soul, ska modernist job with plenty of Italian charm.

iain said...

It's good, isn't it? Definitely got some mod echoes in there...yet the basslines are meaty and the overall vibe of it is more sort of "muscular indie" I think the genius move was getting the cute singer with a bob :)