Monday, April 30, 2007


How does 215 Wu-Tang MP3's grab you?

What a day.....

Thanks to all of you that left kind comments on yesterday's post, it's nice to know you've made a connection with people, sometimes it's easy to forget that when it's just you and a microphone in a studio somewhere.
Yesterday continued on its merry way after the show had finished, a little lunch, some cake (thanks Marsha)and 40 winks, then off to the first of two DJ gigs, Planet Hop at the Light Bar in Shoreditch. wicked gig, played some SERIOUS tunes: "Lisa Baby" by Father MC, the new M.I.A. single, lots of Diplo remixes (the Turbulence one is incredible) and found the time to play "Drum Pan Sound" by Reggie Steppa as well, which always makes my day.
Once that was over, it was into a cab and over to the Islington Academy to DJ at the 25Th anniversary Theatre Of Hate gig....more serious tunes, this time from a different direction: "H-Eyes" by the Ruts (with the crowd singing along!) "Future Daze" by Penetration, "Fatman" by Southern Death Cult and "Emergency" by 999...
TOH were on top form, they played a blistering version of "Nero" that stopped me in my tracks, the years just fell away as I remembered taping it off the Peel show in my bedroom in Wiltshire as a 14 year-old kid....
And today? Well, I'm in a secret London bunker location, working on "The Project" (see below) It's sounding great, looking great, and it's a beautiful day in London Town (from what limited view I have of the sky)
Change is in the air.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's a momentous day today.

It's time for my last show on Xfm. Over the last few months i'd been increasingly marginalised at the station (which isn't really an issue, those of you with long memories will remember it's happened before) but there was somthing else: I'd stopped believing in Xfm. The tone of the station changed, it's ethos shifted, and certain elements of the content clashed with what I thought we should be representing.
So, it's with a heavy heart but a very clear conscience that i'm finally leaving.
There may be some of you that are wondering where i'll fetch up next....
Well, I can't really tell you exactly where it will be (there's a certain element of secrecy involved) but, a couple of points....
1) It's not another radio station.
2) It's got something to do with the web.
3) It'll be AMAZING.

There'll be URL's and e-cards soon, there will be explanations and exhortations to join me, but not just yet ;)
Any questions?