Monday, April 04, 2016

Monday Monday.

A long day, but a fun one. Odd, really - I spent a lot of it traipsing round kitchen showrooms, looking at worktops and testing drawer mechanisms. Yes, we're going to get a new kitchen.
Seriously, if you had any small, lingering hopes that I was still some sort of rock god, now might be the time to finally jettison those dreams. Life is rather genteel, for me now.
So - we headed off to Wren Kitchens in Guildford, then Magnet, over the road. Hilariously, both shops seem to spend a vast amount of time and effort demonstrating how they're better than each other, and looking down their nose at the competition, despite the fact they're practically next door to each other. How does that work? Do you snub workers from the other store when you see them on the bus? Ignore them in the local pub? What if your mate works for the opposition?
Perhaps more revealing was the fact that the kitchens from both shops seemed to be exactly the same anyway. As far as I can make out, it'll all look much the same, apart from the "bling" elements. This means the worktop, and the splashback. Do we use Corian, or glass? I'm not having any of that Granite nonsense (I've got a Granite worktop at the moment, and actually hate it). Also, the trend at the moment seems to favour flecks, glitter, sparkles, textures, and.....fancy stuff. That's not happening. Oh no.
But, enough of that.
I'm now pondering what to cook for tonight's meal. Should it be my old standby, tortellini in brodo, or trout fillets with cavolo nero? I'm really not sure.
I'll look out the window, just a little longer, and wait for inspiration.

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