Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two Horse Race.

Listening to the footy, and listening to Arsenal getting hammered by Man U. It's us and them now, I guess. Update on the food situation - did the Farmer's Market thing - got some wonderful Haslet (a bit of a forgotten thing, but I love it) some organic butter (it's gone straight in the freezer) and wondrous cheese. Still trying to balance all the food that's now in the fridge, trying to work out how to utilise all the various ingredients and use as much as possible without throwing anything away ( I hate waste). With the impending arrival, this might be tricky, but I'm going to try.
Need to crack open a cold one and think about getting dinner ready.

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Shedsey said...

Yes fingers crossed nobody has any injuries and we can do the treble.

Old wives tale is pineapple chunks & juice also they told us to have more sex!!