Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Been a busy couple of days, lots of gigs. Saw Keane over at the forum; but was solely in attendance to see the support acts: Thirteen Senses and Bell X1. Thirteen Senses were slightly hesitant, but then again, playing a big venue like that early on is always fraught with difficulty. Bell X1 were wonderful, their set containing one of the most magical pieces of gig theatre ever. To precis, singer starts to jump around the stage,falls over bass guitarists monitor wedge, lies on ground with legs waving in the air, continues playing, finally gets to his feet obviously mortified and the audience rewards him with a cheer of genuine love and affection. If you can make a total cock of yourself in front of that many people and look truly contrite, they'll love you forever.
Another voice-over booked for this evening (hurrah!) then it's off to meet Kirk in the Spanish Bar.

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