Monday, April 12, 2004

Back from my Easter break: lots of food and drink, lots of friends, relations and fun. Cookery rotated around a couple of dinner parties in Brighton: one saw real comfort food in the shape of a giant Cauliflower cheese, the next night saw the return of my ultimate Tom Yam Goong. It's all about those fresh chillies. Yesterday we went down to Kent for an Easter feast and then a relaxing walk around the local countryside. For the first time this year, I was really aware of spring; wildlife and flowers were everywhere. New-born lambs stumbled in the fields, bees droned lazily in the bluebells and primulas which spilled from the hedgerows- and gorgeously-plumed cock pheasants scattered through the sprouting crops of Maize and rapeseed. We walked the lanes, making reed-whistles from fat juicy blades of grass, stuck tendrils of "sticky weed" on each others clothes, listened to the sounds of horses hooves thudding out from behind the freshly shorn holly bushes and willow trees which leant down to kiss the tarmac around our ankles.

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