Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer's Here.....

Or at least, it was at the weekend. Seems to have abated somewhat, damn. Spent a lot of it cooking (as ever) with Xacuti curry being top of the pile. Finally got a chance to use the spices I brought back from Goa!
Also managed to squeeze in a trip to Islington to see Spear Of Destiny. Great to see Kirk again, he was on fine form, and the band were as tight as I've seen them, playing "One Eyed Jacks" in its entirety. However the icing on the cake for me had to be seeing Elizabeth from Westworld doing backing vocals! It's been years since I saw her on a stage (1988, I think) and her voice was as wonderful as ever. I'm going to have to dust off my copy of "Where The Action Is" later.
While I'm obsessing about Westworld, here's the video for the title track off the aforementioned album - filmed around the Westway! Ah, I love it when everything dovetails together.....

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Anonymous said...

Copies of both SoD and Westworld are sadly boxed and in the loft!!
Played Mickey and Sonic Boom Boy the other week, found them on YouTube. great memories of seeing both live Kirk at the Odeon as T.of Hate and Westworld and BAD in a club behind Fulham Broadway Station, good times!!
Elizabeth was stunning.