Friday, March 20, 2009

Still dazzled by the sunshine....

I'm blinking my eyes and looking out over West London, even loving the smell of Diesel from the buses nine floors beneath me - today is just one of those days when everything seems OK. Well, there's plenty of time for that to unravel, I guess, but for now - all's good.
I'm just about to head off to do more voiceovers for the Travel Channel, which is always fun. If you want to hear what I sound like, check this out. Then it's off to Southwark for the final radio show of the week, then some leisurely cooking to round off the day. I love how the promise of a day can put a smile on your face.
The weekend should be good too, Jeff's over from Cleveland, so there will be pints in the Portobello road, and some leisurely shopping for bargains in the basement of Record & Tape. Life doesn't get much better than ale and vinyl. Musically, today is soundtracked by the wonderful First Aid Kit.


Steve said...

It is heavenly to have a bit of colour back in the morning on the ride in as opposed to slush and general greyness :-)) Keep telling myself to make more of this summer.
And there is diesel in the River Wandle, no more feeding ducks at the Ponds!
Oh and loving NME Radio, reminds me of an old station that used to broadcast out of Charlotte St. He he good times are back! Please tell me that a license is going to be granted.

iain said...

We've got a licence! Just waiting to get ourself onto DAB! And yes, you're quite correct, there's a whiff of the "Charlotte Street" about it all - funny, that!

Suw said...

Did you just say... DAB? Ooh, that is very exciting! Kev bought me a DAB radio so I could listen to XFM, right before they went down the crapper. It'll be so nice to have NME Radio on DAB!