Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm getting divorced.

So there it is. Now you know why i've not realy posted much here (or on Down With Tractors, for that matter) for quite some time. I really haven't felt like interacting with people, involving them, or boring them to death with details of my private life.
There's a line in The Lover Speak's "No More I Love You's" (no, NOT the Lennox version, that was a cover!) where David Freeman talks of a language leaving him, and I can most definitely empathise: it's a slow, lingering death, a gradual erosion of something which once was precious, now reduced to a ghost of what it was.
If there's one thing it's taught me though, it's that I don't want that language to leave me forever. I don't want to forget how to feel. I want to find that language, and start speaking again. Part of this will be me finding my blogging voice again, after this enforced hiatus, so i'll be doing my best to post as much as I can over the coming weeks.


Chris Bray said...

:( Bad news dude :(

Jason Brooks said...

Likewise, but I try to kid myself that Big boys don't cry, and try to keep on moving towards a new time which I feel will come and be shared by the right one, maybe, maybe not but I'll give it a go. Look forward to seeing you in the Binary room, when you can. With Best Wishes.

Planet Me said...

I've been through that, and when it happened, music was the best friend I had. Well, that and actual friends.

Suw said...


I'm so sorry to hear that. But rest assured, you will get your blogging voice back, and you will heal in time. As someone's who has been through a number of blogging haituses - mainly when things are going badly with work, as I used to get verbal diarrhoea when things were going badly in my love life! - I can promise you that the desire to talk to the world will come back.

Take care of yourself. And if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

Anonymous said...

My divorce is going through tomorrow. No kids involved but after 6 years its very shitty. I know what you mean about not wanting to talk to anyone. It's something that one has to go through alone, like dying. Good luck honey.x

Anonymous said...

My sympathies.
I hope it all goes smoothly.
Hit the decks and ramps not the bottle, please.

Lolly said...

in a previous pit of misery you told me 'Stay you, stay strong'...
...and it helped.

so ditto

Tim said...

Aww, Iain, I'm sorry to hear this.

Hope you're OK - chin up an' all that.

Take it easy.

Ctelblog said...

Aw bugger. Been there. Done death and divorce. A child's death is harder, but that's of f*ck all consequence to you.

Anyhow, sorry to hear it.

the jen said...

hey darling-

just happened to check the blog and i'm sorry to see this news. i am convinced that you will never forget how to feel, and my best thoughts i send to you with the hopes that you get through sanely and a renewed sense of being in the next chapter.

i'm only a myspace or blogger comment away. ;) - jen