Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It was nearly 20 years ago.....

...but here's what my life looked like back then. I was working in Slam City, when we co-hosted this skate night at the Limelight, in London. Back then, to put a mini-ramp in a club was quite revolutionary, I seem to recall it making the evening news here in town. Anyway, I think that's my disembodied hand in the photo at the bottom of the page, the shot was taken by my then boss, Paul Sunman, and IIRC, we were standing up by the VIP lounge, where we'd been having a beer with Kevin Staab. I managed to drink way too much beer and twist my ankle on a rock fakie, but apart from that, a truly great night. There's more here, and the rest of the site is highly recommended for all you old-schoolers out there.

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