Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hardcore, you know the score........

I had a DJing gig on Saturday night that was a wonderful excuse to rip a load of Old School Hardcore vinyl onto mp3....and first out of the box and onto the hard drive was this slice of dub'n'break madness from 1992: truly one of the biggest old school tunes EVER:
The Criminal Minds: "Baptised By Dub"

(the sample "Can't beat the system, go with the flow!" is from an old MC Duke tune "I'm Riffin" which also provided most of the breaks for the early 2 Bad Mice tunes....)
But what else have I been up to? Well, trying to emerge from the depression of a long and difficult February. I'm getting there.


Chris Bray said...


Reminds me to dig out some of the old mixtapes!

I could just do a bit of Sasha at G-Spot Coventry, 1991 right now... Shame I'm 5000 miles away from my tape collection!

iain said...

it IS a tune, isn't it?
More Old School on the Down With Tractors site, too.........