Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ah, a new obsession....

Every now and again, something wonderful comes along. What makes that thing even more wonderful is the unexpected nature of its arrival. I was never looking for Sukpatch, for Sun Kil Moon, for Wim Mertens; they just sort of appeared. Once they become assimilated so completely into my psyche, it's difficult to imagine a time when they weren't there.
Well, it's time for another obsession.
Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Bon Iver. This is just wonderful, chilling, uplifting, haunting, exciting, thrilling and visceral genius. I defy anyone out there not to be moved by this.
Here's the video for "Wolves (Act I & II)"

The album is called "For Emma, Forever Ago" and would appear to be the first essential purchase of this year.

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Mike said...

Hi Iain,

You may (or may not) remember me from a comment/essay I left around a year ago on this blog, lamenting the loss of the x-list and requesting the name of the trip-hop x-list jingle.

Encouraged by your regular Xfm rants I've wrote an article on the subject at www.shovelleduplikemuck.com which may be of interest to you.