Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Look, here's my first ever "Pig" deck. I bought a second-hand one of these from the old Alpine Action on Notting Hill Gate, sometime in 1982. It was delaminated at the nose and tail, but was only a fiver. A bit of TLC, not to mention some Plastic Padding and a vice, and it was up and running again. The Cab "Bearing" deck was the first Powell deck to have a concave (a nice little spoon to the nose) and was such a nice board to ride. I kept mine for about 18 months, before swapping it with Steve Douglas, for a lovely Powell "Gelfand".
This board in the photo sold on ebay recently, for a little more than a fiver.
It went for..................



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hazabaza said...

damn thats a lot of money

if only I were a timelord - I'd be back in the day whipping up boards and stashing them in the attic

ere Iain have you read this book the answer is never
I've nearly finished it and reckon anyone with the slightest inkling of passion for skateboarding would love it

ave a word wiff ol' santa guv