Monday, November 26, 2007

Bye bye, Ralph Bernard....

Bake us a cake will you? there's a good boy.
I'm expecting a wave of further departures from 30 Leicester Square, if I was in middle management at gcap, I'd be booking the removal van RIGHT NOW.
In other news, I'm back from a brief sojourn in Italy, and can now wield a rustello with impressive ease.
Lot's of traffic on the mp3 blog, which is very gratifying- I'm aware that it seems to have taken over a bit of my blogging priority of late, but I'll try and redress the balance if I can. Quite a bit of the traffic has come via me posting the Jesus And Mary Chain ICA gig, there's a link to a forum discussion on my post here.


dobbyn said...

Bring back Mansfield: that's what we say!!

Mike said...

Hi Iain,

You may remember me, I went on a little nostalgia-binge a few months ago about how Xfm used to be.

Firstly what do you make of Camfield's comments in this story -

"Leaving the weekday Xfm schedule was a hard decision to make as I believe Xfm is in the best position it has been in for ten years," said Camfield.

"On the other hand I am of course extremely excited about being able to realise my dream of broadcasting in the United States while still maintaining my links with Xfm in the UK."

Are these his actual thoughts or are they soundbites that havebeen fed through the Xfm press office? I can't believe he genuinely feels that.

Secondly, Danny Wallace will be joining the Xfm schedules for the weekend slot. Do you feel - I do - that they are reverting to their previous formula of hiring comedians for their breakfast shows? Dave Berry joined a short while ago too.


iain said...

Well, in light of recent developments, it would seem that his remarks were a little wide of the mark, weren't they? I'm sure Ian was just being diplomatic, he's got a lot to thank Xfm for, and was no doubt keen to keep a foothold in UK radio going (a canny move). there is also the possibility that this may well have beena strategy that was cooked up by two press agents, working for the two respective sides, saving as much face as possible. Whatever, it's also glaringly obvious that Camfield is going to be a HUGE success over there...with his passion for American Rock, tied to the (for Americans) charming novelty of a "Hey, that's so cool!!" English accent...