Monday, August 20, 2007

Morning all.......

Today, this story has been making me smile, and the headline is just GENIUS :)
It was another one of those Monday journeys into London; and it's always the same once I reach Victoria- the station and Tube is awash with idiot tourists dragging the world's BIGGEST suitcases behind them. Seriously, what's up with the huge cases? Why? Why?
These morons seem intent on dislocating their own shoulders dragging these behemoths behind them, risking heart attacks as they clatter down the stairs into the tube...
what can they be carrying in these cases? This morning, three women were carrying a case the size of a small CAR down to the Victoria line :(

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I used to work at Victoria Underground! You'd get Americans expecting me to lug their cases down to the tube for them - don't think so love, if you can't carry it, don't bring it!

They would be SHOCKED when we told them there was no "elevator"!

The Aussies were generally more savvy though - they'd slip us a fiver to carry their cases up to the mainline!

Rachel x