Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bloody Hell!

Every now and again, I go through my record collection, sorting out what should stay and what should go. I've been doing it tonight, looking for stuff to post up on the mp3 blog. Well, I found a copy of the "Live At The Soul All Dayer Of the Century" LP, pretty legendary LP, it was sampled heavily by lots of Old-School Hardcore artists (the most obvious one: "North London Posse in the place!" taken from Kaotic Chemistry's "Drum Trip")
Turns out it's a little more valuable than I'd thought.
Reading the small print, it would appear that 12 copies reached the public. just to make you even more pissed off, I've got TWO of those twelve copies. One sold on eBay recently for 650 quid. Jeebus!!! There's more info here: one of the people on the forum reckons there's only five copies worldwide.


lazy said...

put it up?? i want to here this!! lazy

hazabaza said...

I've got this one too Iain

'when I was a youth...hard time stylee'

class stuff